A Day at Muddy Boots

A Day at Muddy Boots

So what is a typical day at Muddy Boots like?

8am: Staff arrive to prepare for Breakfast Club, set up the playroom and make sure the days activities are all laid out ready for the children

8.45am: Children begin arriving at the setting. They begin the day by finding their names on their pegs in the corridor to hang up their coats. Then it's time to wash their hands. Book bags are given to staff for new library books to be issued and the children place their toys or anything they have brought from home in the News Box and begin playing with their friends.

9am: Morning registration: All of the staff and children gather in the book corner and participate in registration/newstime. They answer to their names and also talk about Muddy Boots ‘rules’, the day of the week and weather and what is in store for them that day.

9.15am: Children begin playing. They can choose which activities they would like to undertake from those laid out and are invited to join in with an adult led task.

10.15-10.45am Free flow snack time: the children are invited to the snack area to put together their own snack from healthy items, such as fruit, raisins, cereal, toast and pour their own drinks before sitting down to eat with their friends. They then remove the dirty cups and plates from the table and sometimes wash them up too! Then it’s time to choose between playing indoors or outside in the woodland area!

11.30: Group singing and story time before the morning children go home. The children staying all day sit down together to enjoy their packed lunches. Staff often eat with them and there is a real sense of a family meal being shared.

11.45am: Morning children are collected by their parents/carers.

12pm: Children attending the afternoon session arrive.

12.15pm: Afternoon registration takes place.

12.30pm: Children begin playing. Afternoon activities are varied from the morning and children who attend all day are encouraged to do different things.

Free flow snack time: as with the morning snack children are encouraged to take responsibility for serving themselves and clearing away after themselves. They love the independence this gives them. Now there is another chance to play outside if they wish.

2.30pm: Tidying up and circle time: Staff ring a bell and children gather in the book corner. Each child is then given a job to do to help tidy up the toys and activities that have been played with that day. Once this is done, they all return to their seats and enjoy stories or songs and tell the group about the items they have brought in from home. Birthdays are celebrated.

3pm: Home time!

Throughout the day the key workers are engaging with the children, and where appropriate will post photos and observations on the children's Tapestry learning journals. Parents can view this at their leisure, using their individual secure login.